Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is a safety net for both employers and employees. It provides financial protection for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. This coverage includes medical expenses, a portion of lost wages while recovering, and even rehabilitation services to help workers return to their jobs safely. For employers, workers’ compensation offers peace of mind by covering these costs and preventing lawsuits from injured employees. Workers Compensation Insurance It’s a win-win, promoting a safe work environment for employees and financial security for businesses.

Protect Your Employees, Business, and Assets with Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Many types of businesses need professional liability insurance. Some states require this type of business insurance. In others, business owners choose to get coverage in case a client or customer sues them. So even if you consider yourself an expert in your business, mistakes happen. And if you or a customer thinks a mistake in your professional services caused a financial loss, they can sue you. Bortec Insurance makes sure you have the right Professional liability insurance that helps cover you and your company if you make a mistake in your professional services.

Get Financial Protection for Job-Related
Injuries and Medical Treatment

At Bortec Insurance, we specialize in providing comprehensive coverage for businesses just like yours. We understand the risks associated with running a business and will work with you to ensure that you have the right type and amount of coverage for any potential issues that may arise out of mistakes made in your professional services.

Workers’ compensation covers all full-time and part-time employees, including owners and officers in some cases. It also protects employers from legal action taken by a worker due to their injuries as long as the employer has workers’ compensation insurance in place. The laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to check with your local Department of Labor for more information about what types of coverage are available in your area.

Secure the Benefits, Peace of Mind and Financial Protection You Need for Your Team

Get the Protection Your Business Needs With Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Having workers’ compensation insurance also protects businesses from potentially expensive legal issues related to a worker’s injury. This type of coverage shields employers from liabilities related to an employee’s workplace accident or illness. Without it, a company could face hefty legal costs if something happened on their premises and resulted in medical bills or time off work for an employee.

At its core, workers’ compensation insurance helps businesses protect themselves financially against potential workplace accidents or illnesses without having to shoulder the full burden themselves. With this essential coverage in place, employers can breathe easier knowing their employees are safe on the job and that they have all the necessary protections should something go wrong.

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