What is HO4

Insurance Policy?

The HO4 insurance policy is most commonly referred to as renters insurance. Whether you rent a home, condo, townhome, or apartment, if you purchased insurance, you most likely have HO-4 insurance (insurance for people who rent). The HO4 is a named perils policy. There are two categories of insurance policies; named perils and open perils. A named perils policy specifically lists the perils the policy insures. If damage is the result of a peril that is not listed on the policy, the HO4 insurance policy will not insure the damage.

HO4 Insurance Policy Perils

The standard HO4 insures 16 specific perils. Those perils are the following:

The HO4 Covers Personal Property

The main purpose of the HO4 policy is to insure the belongings of the person who purchased the policy. Personal Property coverage on the HO4 is broad; it should extend to all of the belongings a person owns. In addition to Personal Property, most HO4 renters insurance policies will give the renter Liability insurance and Medical Payments to Others insurance. Liability insurance provides extra protection for legal situations the insured may find himself or herself in, and Medical Payments provides a small amount of insurance for minor accidents that occur on the property to people who don’t live on the premises.

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