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Insurance Policy

What is HO3 Home Insurance Policy?

The HO3 Home Insurance Policy is the most common home insurance policy in the United States. It provides excellent coverage for your home and good coverage for your personal property. With the HO3, your home is covered on an open perils basis and your contents (personal property) are covered on a named perils basis. An open perils policy does not specifically list the perils your home insurance covers; rather, it lists the perils your home insurance does NOT cover. If the damage to your home is not caused by something on the exclusion list, then you have coverage. A named perils policy specifically lists the perils for which your personal property is covered. If something happens to your belongings that is not on the list of covered perils, you do not have coverage. Once you call Bortec Insurance we will quickly find the best options to cover you, and we will always be on your side