Commercial Auto Insurance

Don’t let a vehicle accident stall your business! Secure reliable commercial auto insurance and keep your operations running smoothly. We offer tailored plans to fit your specific business needs, ensuring your company vehicles are comprehensively covered. Get a free quote today and protect both your fleet and your bottom line from unexpected costs.

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance to Protect Your Business

Commercial vehicle insurance is a policy of physical damage and liability coverages for amounts, situations, and usage not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. This type of business insurance covers many types of commercial vehicles—from automobiles used for business purposes, including company cars, to a wide variety of commercial trucks and vehicles.

Get a policy with the right coverages for your vehicles and usage, from company cars to commercial trucks.

Protect Your Business with Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When it comes to protecting your business from unexpected losses, having comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance is an essential part of any risk management plan. Whether you have cars, trucks, vans or other types of vehicles used for business purposes, this type of policy can provide a variety of coverages that are not typically included in personal auto insurance policies. With commercial vehicle insurance, you can get coverage for bodily injury, property damage liability, medical payments coverage, and uninsured motorist protection all, so you can feel secure in knowing your business is well protected on the road.

Depending on the type of commercial vehicle you need coverage for and the state where it will be operating in, there may be different requirements depending on the weight class and other factors. But no matter what type of business vehicular content it needs to protect—cars, vans, buses or large trucks—it’s important to make sure your policy has adequate coverage for your specific situation. Make sure to carefully review all potential coverages with your insurer so that you know exactly what is included in your policy.

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